We Can’t Stop Watching This Weightlifter’s Missed Clean-into-Face Slap

Travis Elliott is a member of coach Travis Mash’s seemingly endless team of up-and-coming American weightlifters. And while he’s not doing some of the crazy numbers as Mash’s other weightlifters — yet — he’s still an active Instagram poster chronicling his growth and development in strength sport.

And that’s lucky for us, because Elliott recently posted one of the most straightforward funny lifting fails we’ve seen. He even does viewers the courtesy of slowing down the missed clean — from a recent Spring competition — so we can see the fallout in all its self-slapping glory.

And here’s the lift in real time, just in case you wanted to see it at speed.

Kudos to Travis Elliott for putting up the lift — twice — and having a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

After all, who hasn’t had some weird clean & jerk fail? We dare you to find a lifter who never clocked themselves in the chin while learning the split jerk, or one who lost their grip on a clean and tried to finish the lift with a zombie-style front squat.