Watch Chingiz Mogushkov’s Unbelievable 230 Kilogram Clean & Jerk Save

We recently wrote about Russian weightlifter Yarkin Vladislav’s epic 170kg split/squat jerk combo save, but Chingiz Mogushkov may have just out shined him.

Mogushkov’s recent 230kg clean & jerk is worth at least a re-watch or two. He saves his lift in not only one spot, but pretty much through every position in the lift. If you’ve seen the video, then you’ll know exactly what I’m referencing.

Some have pointed out that he possibly re-racked at the bottom of the clean, which would disqualify his lift by IWF standards. On the flip side, one could make the argument that his elbows never fell below rack position, so it wasn’t a true re-rack. For the clip above, Mogushkov was rewarded with a clean lift after an almost a 12-second long struggle.

The tenacity of Mogushkov’s grip is what truly makes this a jaw dropping save. He turned pretty much 45 degrees with only one arm under the bar and 506 lbs sitting on his shoulders – that’s insane. Then, to make it an even more epic lift, he hits the jerk after re-gripping, takes a few steps and stabilizes to earn the white lights (though some are arguing there was a noticeable press-out).

Russian weightlifter Khadzhimurat Akkaev also filmed the lift from a different angle. In his video, the questioned re-rack at the bottom doesn’t look nearly as prominent as in Aslan Kubik’s video.

This save, while impressive, may not come as that much of a surprise if you’re already a Mogushkov fan. He’s possibly best known for his epic push press strength (on top of his Olympic lifting), which would explain how he handled the 230kg so well in the rack position for nearly 10-seconds, then was able to complete the lockout.

Below is a clip from 2014, which features Mogushkov push pressing a ridiculous 240kg. The crazy part is that 240kg isn’t even his best push press. In previous interviews, Mogushkov has stated that he’s hit 250kg before in training.

What are your thoughts on Mogushkov’s lift? Was it white light worthy, or was there a possible re-rack and/or press out?

Feature image screenshot from @aslan_kubik Instagram page.