Watch CJ Cummings Front Squat 200kg for 5 Reps!

We’ve known for a long time that CJ Cummings has some seriously strong legs. Between his world record clean & jerk and 222kg front squat double, it’s clear he has some of the strongest legs in the world for a 69kg lifter.

But a recent set of 5 front squats may be his most impressive display of leg strength yet — largely because we know how rough front squats can get for anything over a couple reps.

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Check out Cummings’ set of 5 front squats at 200kg below.

And for anyone who wants to criticize his depth on these: let’s put some perspective on this, folks. He’s not a lifter who’s known for catching his cleans in a rock-bottom position, and to us, these squats pretty accurately replicate his catch. He’s training to break records, not win a depth contest.

We’re curious to see where the next year takes the reigning Youth and Junior World Champion. Will he move up to the 77kg weight class or stick around to dominate the 69’s for another year? He’s still just 17 years old, and with a few more years of Junior eligibility, only time will tell.

Featured image: @cj__cummings on Instagram