2 Weeks Out From Worlds: CJ Cummings Puts Up Strong Squat Jerks

We’re only two weeks out from this year’s IWF Weightlifting World Championships, and CJ Cummings is still squat jerking. In the first week of October we first wrote about Cummings squat jerking 170kg, which is a change up to his normal split jerk. Then about a week later, we put together an article highlighting Cummings working up to 180kg in the squat jerk with his form looking much more polished compared to the previous 170kg.

Now, with only two weeks remaining until Worlds kicks off, Cummings is still being seen squat jerking. Yesterday, Team Beaufort Weightlifting shared a video of Cummings crushing a 160kg, 170kg, and 180kg clean and squat jerk. He made every attempt look easy with his squat jerks showing no signs of lacking stability.

Check out the squat jerk video below.

In the video’s description Team Beaufort Weightlifting writes, “TENACIOUS TUESDAY , “trusting the process” – Senior Worlds – two (2) weeks – 160-170-180 – solid.” 

Our previous articles speculated about Cummings switching to squat jerk from split, but that was only a speculation. From the above video equipped with the description, we’re beginning to think Cummings will be officially making the switch for Worlds. Every video of Cummings clean & jerking from the last two months highlights him squat jerking.

In addition, the description states “trusting the process”, which could be a suggestion about trusting the process behind switching from the split to squat jerk. It would make sense if Cummings made the switch, as he’s got a great build for this style jerk. Plus, the squat jerk has proven to be an excellent way to move more weight when a weightlifter has the mechanics down to a tee.

Currently, Cummings heaviest clean & jerk in competition is 185kg, which isn’t too far off from what he’s hitting in the above videos. His latest 180kg squat jerk looks incredibly smooth compared to the first time we saw him hit it.

Will he be squat jerking at Worlds? We can’t say for sure, but if we’re looking at the signs, then we’d guess there’s a pretty good shot at it.

Feature image screenshot from @teambeaufort_weightlifting Instagram page.