On His 80th Birthday, This CrossFit® Trainer Finished a Workout That Would Humble Anyone

See how this CrossFit® trainer celebrated his 80th birthday with an epic custom workout!

Jacinto Bonilla, a CrossFit® trainer based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, celebrates his birthday every year by performing a seriously impressive workout of the day (WOD).

For the last 13 years, Bonilla has taken on the challenge of matching the reps from his self-created workout, named the “Jacinto Storm,” with every year he’s been alive. So when Bonilla turned 80 years old on July 3rd, he performed 80 reps of each exercise. Check out the full workout below.

Jacinto Storm

This workout is to be performed for time. 

  • 80 Double Unders
  • 80 Air Squats
  • 80 Push-Ups
  • 80 Pull-Ups
  • 80 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
  • 80 Kettlebell Swings 
  • 80 Deadlifts (95/65 lb)
  • 80 Double Unders

The other week, The New York Post covered his massive 80th birthday and workout milestone, and this week, NBC New York published a video and story about Bonilla’s long-time commitment to fitness, and CrossFit. We loved this line: “I thought I was in great shape until I found CrossFit. That really humbled me.” Watch him discuss his love for the sport and attack some seriously impressive exercises below.

Bonilla became interested in CrossFit 14 years ago. He had been active for most of his life up until that point; running in marathons, practicing karate, and even competing as a bodybuilder. CrossFit presented a new challenge for Bonilla, so when he turned 66 years old, he gave the sport a go. Now, he’s not only training people, but continuously finding ways to hold himself accountable as a competitor.

Since the start of his competitive CrossFit career, Bonilla has racked up a strong list of accolades. In 2012, Bonilla competed at the CrossFit Games in the Masters (60+) division and finished 17th place overall. On top of that, Bonilla has competed in the CrossFit Open six times, and that includes this year in the Men’s 60+ division where he finished in 2,595th place worldwide. Last year he took third place at a 50+ competition in Puerto Vallarta, competing against guys almost thirty years younger than him.

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Bonilla is true to the spirit of CrossFit, and we can’t wait for another year of the Jacinto Storm workout.

Featured image from @crossfit1939 Instagram page.