CrossFit Reveals New Program For Licensing Competitions, Why It Matters

CrossFit has announced that there will be a new process to be upheld to properly license competitions.

Earlier today, CrossFit HQ announced that they will be releasing a new program and process for licensing official CrossFit competitions. The program described in CrossFit HQ’s press release highlights a number of pre-requisites a competition must have and obtain before becoming officially licensed via CrossFit. This official licensing will then allow competitions to utilize and employ the CrossFit name and branding for the creation of their competition’s marketing and merchandise.

In order to obtain official CrossFit licensing, a competition will need a number of things:

  • Agreement to uphold CrossFit safety, programming, and competition standards. 
  • Proof of event insurance.
  • Principal event organizer must hold a CrossFit L-1 Coaching certificate. 

In the press release, CrossFit HQ also mentioned that every official licensed CrossFit competition will eventually fall on a calendar that will list every officially licensed competition. Note, these competitions are not like Sanctioned Events, and will not award winners the opportunity to compete at the CrossFit Games. However, moving forward, every Sanctioned Event will first be required to become an officially licensed event before being deemed as a Sanctioned Event. 

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Inaugural Licensed CrossFit Compeitions

In addition to CrossFit HQ announcing this new program, they also disclosed the first two inaugural events of the new licensing program that are taking place in the next few months. Check them out below!

1. CrossFit Sand Clash

  • Where: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • When: February 22nd-23rd
  • Info: This competition will host eight CrossFit Affiliates that will be competing head-to-head for cash prizes.

2. CrossFit Collegiate Championship

  • Where: United States Air Force Academy, Colorado
  • When: April 19-21st
  • Info: This competition is for athletes who are currently part of collegiate CrossFit clubs across the nation.

What This Could Mean

Moving forward, it’s going to be interesting to see how this new program shifts CrossFit licensed competitions and Sanctioned Events. From what it seems, it appears CrossFit HQ is trying to regulate and elevate the standards in which future CrossFit competitions will be held to.

Feature image from @crossfit Instagram page, photo by Liz Greene.