Get Pumped for Puppies: CrossFit Gym Raises Money For Dog Shelter

CrossFit Asphodel Hong Kong and community raises money for Catherine's Puppies.

CrossFit Asphodel Hong Kong ran an event to raise money for a dog shelter, Catherine’s Puppies, that was damaged during last year’s Typhoon Mangkut. The event brought together athletes from all over Hong Kong to compete and raise money to repair the roof of Catherine’s Puppies.

The initial target was to raise $50,000 dollars for Catherine’s Puppies, but the event ended up raising $115,000. Nicholas Worley, a member of CrossFit Asphodel organized the event. Catherine Lumsden, the founder of Catherine’s Puppies even brought some puppies along.

“The CrossFit community both in Hong Kong and globally is truly incredible and it’s wonderful to see so many teams coming together for a good cause like Catherine’s Puppies and a bit of competition,” Worley told the South China Morning Post on Tuesday.

The event featured 19 four person teams. The money raised will help fix the roof that was damaged along with paying off vet bills and building better conditions for the dogs.

Catherine’s Puppies will share photos with Worley and CrossFit Asphodel during the roof building progress.

“It’s incredibly touching to see the effort that this community has put into helping our cause and me and all our dogs are grateful for the help as every little can make a world of difference,” Lumsden told the South China Morning Post.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen CrossFit athletes find dogs to be a major source of inspiration in the gym.

Meg Reardon, who just won the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge this past weekend, started a company to bring together fitness enthusiasts and dog lovers. Her company, Wags & Weights, sells items that celebrate these fitness lovers and their dogs. A portion of all of the sales go to benefit local animal shelters in cities.

And while puppies may or may not be on the site for either, the CrossFit community continues to grow throughout communities all over the world.

A newly sanctioned CrossFit event will take place in Shanghai, China this month. The Asia CrossFit Championship (ACC), which you may know as the China Invitational, will run from April 27th-29th. This is China’s first ever CrossFit Games qualifying competition. Another CrossFit event that will be held in China, is the Pandaland CrossFit Championship. This will serve as a qualifier for the 2020 CrossFit Games and will take pace in December 2019 in Sichuan Province, China.

Feature image via @nickworley82 Instagram.