The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games Will Stream Live From a World Feed

Follow the coverage of the CrossFit Games from all over the world on August 1st!

Every year the CrossFit Games bring together elite athletes from all over the world. And this summer, the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games will continue to elevate the global popularity of CrossFit with a live stream from a world feed. 

What this means is fans from all over the world will be able to tune in to a professional feed that will include a diverse range of media members covering the CrossFit Games.

On Thursday, CrossFit HQ announced the details of the world feed, in addition to what the media guidelines are for getting involved with the world feed action for this summer’s Games.

“Fans will be able to watch the competition live and in more languages than ever before,” Justin Bergh, the General Manager of the CrossFit Games said in the press release. “This is a more organic approach to distributing content, in which we’re inviting individuals and outlets from around the world to create the Games viewing experience that they would want for themselves.”

The CrossFit Games will kick off on August 1st in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to the world live stream, you will also be able to follow all of the action on CrossFit’s YouTube channel and the CrossFit Games’ website.

In the past the CrossFit Games have been broadcasted on platforms like ESPN and CBS, along with YouTube and Facebook. The decision to open up the stream to various media members and outlets, fans, and anyone who wishes to be involved, is part of CrossFit’s initiative to continue diversifying the CrossFit community.

As for information regarding how to get involved in the world live stream, CrossFit provided the media guidelines just after the streaming announcement.

“CrossFit’s 2019 Media Guidelines are intended to encourage individuals to capture, record, and broadcast their experience of the CrossFit Games in whatever manner and on whatever platform they choose. Tell your CrossFit Games story to your community through your pictures.”

It feels like just yesterday we were learning about all of the changes to qualifying for the 2019 CrossFit Games, and now with just over a month until the Games, this presents another huge shift in the playing field.

Feature image from @chynacho Instagram page.