Julie Foucher Announces Her Plans for 2017 CrossFit® Games Regionals

CrossFit® Games athlete Julie Foucher may not be training at the level she once was, but she’ll still be competing in her 2017 CrossFit Central Regional competition. The only difference will be that this year Foucher is competing on a team, and not individually.

Foucher will be competing with Cleveland based CTOWN CrossFit for regionals in Nashville, Tennessee. CTOWN CrossFit finished seventh in their region and recorded a total of 43 points. Foucher recently caught up with Sean Woodland on the Reebok CrossFit Games Update Studio and shared a little background into her current career and competition situation.

The switch from individual to team won’t be a shock to some, as Foucher had announced back in 2015 that she was shifting her full-time focus to finishing her medical schooling. In the video, Foucher states she recently finished her last medical school class and graduates in May. She has some time off now, but will soon starting to her formal residency beginning at the end of June.

Foucher is best known as an individual competitor and has made it to the games four times. Of those four times, she finished on the podium twice, claiming second place in 2012 and third in 2014.

Her CrossFit Games Regionals performances have also been stellar with two first place finishes in 2012 and 2014.

Possibly the defining moment in Foucher’s CrossFit career came in 2015 at her Central Regionals performance. Midway through the competition she ruptured her Achilles tendon during a box jump and continued to finish the competition.

This event showed her true tenacity and love for the sport, which has helped her become one of the better known names in functional fitness (in addition to her elite performances).

In the video, Woodland asked Foucher what it would take to get her back into individual competition. She replied with a firm no to little chance, and that if she ever did, she would have to pretty much put everything else on hold to make a true run at individual competition.

We may never see Foucher compete individually again, but it will be nice to see how she does working with a team at this year’s Central Regionals competition.

Feature image screenshot from CrossFit’s YouTube channel.