CrossFit HQ Grants Hunter McIntyre A WildCard Invitation to the 2019 Games

This year, CrossFit is giving out four wildcard spots to the Games.

CrossFit HQ and Hunter McIntyre seem to be on the same page. Last week, McIntyre told The Morning Chalkup in an exclusive interview that he thinks he can hang with the fittest on earth, and deserves a chance to compete at the Games. One week later, CrossFit HQ made it clear that they not only heard McIntyre, but want to see him test his fitness against the world’s most elite athletes.

That’s why on Tuesday, CrossFit HQ announced on Twitter, because their Instagram and Facebook pages have been deactivated due to growing data and privacy concerns, that McIntrye has been awarded a wildcard invitation to the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Being granted a wildcard spot to the Games means that the athlete has not earned a spot through the various CrossFit Sanctional™ events, or the Open. As of now, there are only three more CrossFit Sanctional™ events remaining, so while other athletes are still competing for the final spots to the Games, McIntyre gets to use final months to fine-tune his training ahead of his first Games appearance.

McIntyre isn’t just your average joe, though. The 30-year old has been crowned a Obstacle Course Racing World Champion six-times, has been an Obstacle Course Racing National Champion four-times, along with earning titles as Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Champion three-times, and a Tough Mudder X Champion twice.

Armen Hammer, a content creator who’s involved in the CrossFit media space, posted a video to his Youtube channel with McIntyre and CrossFit athlete Brent Fikowski. In the video, Hammer certainly stirred the pot and said that there was a lot of negative feedback from current CrossFit athletes when they heard that McIntyre could potentially earn an invite.

Before the wildcard was officially granted to McIntyre, CrossFit’s Founder, Greg Glassman had told Hammer unofficially that McIntyre would be getting one. We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to see how McIntyre fairs against some of CrossFit’s most elite athletes.

Feature image from @huntthesheriff Instagram page.