CrossFit Open Introduces #BonnieAndClyde Hashtag For Competitive Couples Everywhere

Are you fitter than your partner?

Are you and your partner constantly competing? We’re talking about some good old friendly competition here, so like who can do the most burpees before the coffee is brewed? If so, then you’re going to like what CrossFit HQ has cooking for this year’s Open. 

CrossFit HQ announced a new couples hashtag #BonnieAndClyde for the 2020 CrossFit Open leaderboard. If you and your partner are interested in joining in on the fun, all you have to do is use the #BonnieAndClyde hashtag in your profile and you will get added to the hashtag leaderboard.

A hashtag section of the 2020 CrossFit Open Leaderboard?

Yes! Along with division and country sections in the 2020 CrossFit Open leaderboard, there is also a hashtag section. The BonnieAndClyde hashtag in particular presents an opportunity to really put your strength and relationship to the test by not only trying to do your best throughout the Open, but while also trying to beat your partner.

There are a lot of fit couples out there, so it will be fun to see who’s actually the fittest one in the relationships of those who partake. According to a press release from CrossFit HQ, this hashtag will be led by CrossFit couple, Alison Scudds and Raphael Durand.

Scudds, who is a three-time Regionals competitor, shared the hashtag, and a little bit about her relationship on her Instagram page. 

This will be [Raphaël’s] and my 3rd open together and like most CrossFit partners we are competitive as hell.
We always take a tally of who won each workout to prove who is the superior athlete at the end of the 5 weeks. I’m now 2-0 and because we have so much fun doing it we want to share the fun with you and your significant other!!

So, now that it is out there that Scudds is 2-0 against her partner, we’re curious what other couples are going to join in on the fun. The Open kicks off tonight and will run for the next five weeks. 

Are you fitter than bae? This could be your moment to prove it to the world. 

Featured image from @ascudds Instagram page