CrossFit® Open Workout 19.4 Announced

We are officially four weeks into the 2019 CrossFit Open. Check out Open Workout 19.4 below!

Welp, we are officially closing in on the end of the 2019 CrossFit Open. This week, CrossFit Open Workout 19.4 was announced live from four locations including Brazil, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands. Thus far, we’ve seen Open announcements come from thirteen different locations across the globe, and that includes twelve different countries. Needless to say, we think it’s safe to say that CrossFit HQ is accomplishing their goal of world inclusion for the 2019 CrossFit Open.

And without further ado — check out CrossFit Open Workout 19.4 below!

CrossFit Open Workout 19.4

Time Cap: 12-Minutes (includes 3-minutes of rest)

  • 3 Rounds of 10 snatches (65 lbs for the women, 95 lbs for the men) and 12 bar-facing burpees

Rest 3 minutes before continuing to… 

  • 3 Rounds of 10 bar muscle ups and 12 bar-facing burpees

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CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 Wrap-Up

After three weeks of grueling CrossFit Open workouts, we’re beginning to see handfuls of familiar names making their way towards the top of the 2019 Crossfit Open leaderboard. The women’s and men’s leaderboard are incredibly tight thus far and only a mere 30 points separate first place from fifth.

In fact, this might be one the cumulatively closest CrossFit Opens we’ve seen in the past couple years. Although, we have a feeling that after this workout these tight gaps will dissipate and there will be more separation between athletes. Below, we’ve included the top five athletes from the men’s and women’s Open categories.

Note: These scores could be subject to change as the 2019 CrossFit Open progresses. 

Open Leaders After 19.3 — Men

  1. Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire — 35 points
  2. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 58 points
  3. Leftaris Theofanidis — 61 points
  4. Mat Fraser — 65 points
  5. Zachery Buntin — 65 points

Open Leaders After 19.3 — Women

  1. Sara Sigmundsdottir — 13 points
  2. Amanda Barnhart — 32 points
  3. Brooke Wells — 43 points
  4. Annie Thorisdottir — 43 points
  5. Dani Speegle — 43 points

To everyone taking on Open Workout 19.4, good luck!

Feature image from @sarasigmunds Instagram page.