CrossFit® Open Workout 19.5 Announced

At last, we've made it to the final workout of the 2019 CrossFit Open!

This year’s CrossFit Open has been without a doubt, one of the most interesting Opens in the sport of CrossFit’s history. From all the 2019 CrossFit Games changes, it’s been a long and eventful road thus far, and we’re not done yet. To all of the athletes who have been competing in the 2019 CrossFit Open — congratulations, you’re almost done, you have one more week to push.

CrossFit Open Workout 19.5 was announced live from four locations once again including the United States, Ireland, Belgium, and Australia. This now brings the country count for CrossFit Open live announcements to a whopping total of 14. CrossFit has definitely lived up to their worldwide inclusion promise.

Check out CrossFit Open Workout 19.5 below!

CrossFit Open Workout 19.5

Couplet For time: 20-minutes

  • Thrusters: 33 reps, 27 reps, 21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps (95 lb for men, 65 lb for women)
  • Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups: 33 reps, 27 reps, 21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps

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CrossFit Open Workout 19.4 Wrap-Up

Four weeks down, one to go. The 2019 CrossFit Open leaderboard has been incredibly interesting to track this year. Why? Well, if you look at the current leaderboard after 19.4, then you’ll notice that there are handfuls of Games veterans who are not currently in positions to qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Remember, the 2019 CrossFit Open is serving as the main qualifier for the Games. Only the top 20 worldwide athletes will qualify, along with national champions (one man, one woman) from every country with a registered affiliate in good standing with CrossFit HQ. This means that athletes who are not ranked close to the top 20 in extremely competitive countries, could be facing the reality of not qualifying for the Games. Granted, there are still Sanctionals, but we’re guessing those will only get more competitive as the Open comes to a conclusion.

Note: These scores could be subject to change as the 2019 CrossFit Open progresses. 

Open Leaders After 19.4 — Men

  1. Mat Fraser — 66 points
  2. Leftaris Theofanidis — 73 points
  3. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 82 points
  4. Zachery Buntin — 135 points
  5. Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire — 161 points

Open Leaders After 19.4 — Women

  1. Sara Sigmundsdottir — 37 points
  2. Annie Thorisdottir — 60 points points
  3. Dani Speegle — 62 points
  4. Amanda Barnhart — 76 points
  5. Brooke Wells — 86 points

To everyone who has participated in the 2019 CrossFit Open, congratulations. You have one more week to give it all, good luck!

Feature image from @sarasigmunds Instagram page.