CrossFit Open Workout 20.2 Tips From Top Athletes And Coaches

Check out these tips from coaches and athletes for the second workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open!

Australian CrossFit Games veterans Khan Porter and Matt Mcleod competed in a live announcement of Open Workout 20.2 on Thursday night.

The anticipation was through the roof as to what the second workout of the 2020 Open season would be, and after much speculation, 20.2 is here. 

CrossFit Open Workout 20.2

20 minute AMRAP

  • 4 dumbbell thrusters
  • 6 toes-to-bars
  • 24 double unders

Women: 35 lbs / Men: 50 lbs

Now that we have seen two of the top athletes in this sport battle through this workout, we have more of a sense as to what the best way to tackle this thing will be. We’ve compiled tips, tricks, and all kinds of solid advice from top athletes and coaches to provide some insight into how to crush 20.2. Before we get into some of these tips, here are the movement standards for 20.2.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.2 Movement Standards

Dumbbell thrusters

  • The rep counts when the dumbbells are locked overhead, and the hips, knees, and arms must be fully extended. 
  • “Re-dipping” during the press (a jerk) will not be counted.
  • No assistance is allowed when picking up and putting down the dumbbells.


  • Start by hanging from the pull-up bar with arms extended, and heels must be behind the bar.
  • Taping the bar and using hand protection is not permitted.
  • A rep counts when both feet come to meet the bar at the same time, in between the hands. Any part of the feet can come in contact with the bar.


  • The rope passes under the feet twice (per jump.)
  • Only successful jumps count, not attempts.

For more on the movement standards for 20.2, check out

Top 4 CrossFit Open Workout 20.2 Tips

1. Cole Sager — Mastering Double-Unders 

Sager consistently provides tips and personal takes throughout the Open, and what we really liked about his video this week is that he gets specific with how to master the double-under. Sager begins the video by talking about some of the biggest mistakes he’s seen and experienced with double-unders, like forcing it or starting off the movement with bent elbows.

His best advice is to keep your arms straight, or just relax your arms! He also really hones in on keeping a good, relaxed posture throughout the workout, and staying consistent with jumps, and more! Check out his whole video below.

2. CrossFit Invictus — Rhythm, Baby!

Justin Wright of CrossFit Invictus offers some really good advice about the beginning of this long (20 minute!) workout. Wright says that you should use the first five minutes of 20.2 to find your rhythm.

This is going to be really important once fatigue hits. He also mentioned that the first five minutes shouldn’t be painful, stride it out, and be smooth.

3. Jacob Heppner — Keep It Familiar 

Heppner surely starts his tips video with some solid trolling, but then he gets into some great advice like using a jump rope you’re familiar with and making sure your hands are properly treated because they are going to take a beating!

Another really good piece of advice he gives is to make sure you don’t ghost your dumbbells, which just means not letting them get too far away from you. 

4. Dan Bailey— Manage Transitions

Bailey really emphasizes how important it is going to be to manage your transitions because of the short reps in this workout.

He gives great tips like setting up dumbbells directly under the bar to limit time scrambling to find them, and similar with the jump rope; really paying attention to the details of placement. 

We’re officially off to the races for 20.2.

We’ll be updating you over the next week once scores come in, and athletes gear up for another 2020 CrossFit Open workout next week.