CrossFit Open Workout 20.4 Announced

CrossFit Games athletes Ben Smith, Sean Sweeney, and Jason Carroll battled it out.

We’re closing in on the final stretch of the 2020 CrossFit Open season, and on Thursday, Workout 20.4 was announced live from Diablo CrossFit in Pleasant Hill, California.

There was all sorts of anticipation and excitement around 20.4, mainly because the workout announcement would feature not two, but three athletes. CrossFit Games athletes Ben Smith, Sean Sweeney, and Jason Carroll all battled it out for special Open workout announcement. 

Like every week, the suspense and speculation for what the workout will be has been impossible to ignore, but without further do, here is Open Workout 20.4!

CrossFit Open Workout 20.4

For time!

  • 30 box jumps 
  • 15 clean & jerks (65/95lb)
  • 30 box jumps 
  • 15 clean & jerks (85/135lb)
  • 30 box jumps 
  • 10 clean & jerks (115/185lb)
  • 30 single-leg squats
  • 10 clean & jerks (145/225lb)
  • 30 single-leg squats
  • 5 clean & jerks (175/275lb)
  • 30 single-leg squats 
  • 5 clean & jerk (205/315lb)

Time cap: 20 minutes

Box jump height: (20/24)

3 Athletes to Watch for CrossFit Open Workout 20.4

Kristin Holte 

Holte made our list last week, and it’s only right to include her here once again because she is still sitting in second place on the women’s Open leaderboard. As of earlier this week it was announced that she is the official winner of Open Workout 20.2.

Holte is currently in 20th place for Open Workout 20.3, but to be determined how that one will shake out once penalties and scoring adjustments are announced at a later time. 

Sara Sigmundsdottir 

CrossFit Games athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir is no stranger to these Open workouts, and it is showing this year. The two-time podium finisher at the CrossFit Games currently sits in first place on the women’s overall Open leaderboard.

She finished in second place in 20.1, third place in 20.2, and at this time 11th place after 20.3. Each week, Sigmundsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir record a YouTube video of their first attempt at the Open workout. We’re looking forward to seeing the two of them tackle 20.4!

Mat Fraser

Four-time Reebok CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser sits in a pretty good position at the moment on the men’s overall leaderboard. Fraser is in fourth place, and that is even after facing a penalty and score adjustment for Open Workout 20.2.

His best workout this Open so far has been 20.3, and at this time he is in third place for that last workout with an impressive 6:08 time. 

To all the athletes still going strong in the 2020 CrossFit Open, good luck with 20.4!

Feature image @bsmith13, @crossfitcowboy45, and @jasoncarrol85 Instagram pages.