CrossFit Athletes Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson and Elly Kabboord Test Positive For Banned Substance

Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson and Elly Kabboord have been banned from CrossFit competition for four years.

Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson of Iceland has tested positive for a banned substance at the Reykjavík CrossFit Championship, CrossFit HQ announced in a press release.

The 24-year-old tested positive for ostarine and RAD-140, which are two substances that violate CrossFit’s Drug Testing Policy. Óskarsson’s sample came from the Reykjavík CrossFit Championship where he had an impressive showing finishing in second place in men’s division just behind fellow Icelandic athlete Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson.

With the positive sample, Óskarsson has been banned from CrossFit competition for four years, which means the next time he can compete will be May 4, 2023. According to The Barbell Spin, Óskarsson has been banned from CrossFit competitions in the past: in 2016 he was asked to submit a drug test after finishing in first place at the Nike Iceland Throwdown, and after refusing to submit the sample was banned from competition for two years.

Óskarsson has made one appearance at the CrossFit Games. In 2015 he represented Team CrossFit Reykjavík – Virtuosity and they finished in 29th place overall. He had qualified for this year’s CrossFit Games before the suspension went through.

In related news, CrossFit HQ also announced that Elly Kabboord, the team captain of CrossFit Mayhem Independence, has been suspended for four years as of May 4, 2019. Kabboord’s suspension is for testing positive for the banned substance clenbuterol at the Reykjavík CrossFit Championship. Kabboord announced that she tested positive a few weeks ago, but she planned to go through with submitting an appeal which was denied.

CrossFit Mayhem Independence has not yet qualified for the 2019 Games, and the team will try to earn their spot at the French Throwdown this weekend in Paris. Carolyne Prevost, who has already qualified for the 2019 Games as an individual athlete, has been called in to replace Kabboord on Team Mayhem Independence at the French Throwdown.

The CrossFit Games are just a little over a month away, so with another ban announced and one more competition left, the official Games roster is far from set.

Featured image from @ellykabboord Instagram page.