Crystal Tate Becomes First Woman to Deadlift 600lbs Raw at -198lbs

Crystal Tate joined the handful of women to deadlift 600 lbs or more at the Arnold Classic this past weekend. She competed in the XPC Finals Full Power meet in the Pro Classic -198lb weight class. The XPC’s pro classic division allows athletes to wear a belt, knee sleeves, and wraps if they choose to.

Below is the video of Tate’s epic pull, which made her the first ever woman to pull 600 lbs raw in the -198lb weight class in competition.

There’s no doubt that this is an epic feat of strength, but the lockout could be a little questionable. It’s hard to tell from this angle if her hips are full extended/locked, but the referee gave her the down signal, so it’s hard to argue the call itself.

She completed the meet with epic lifts including a 640 lb squat, 300 lb bench, and the 600 lb deadlift, which gave her a ridiculous 1,540 lb total.

If you follow Tate already, you know she’s known for crazy deadlift and squat strength. She held the previous women’s raw deadlift world record in the 198lb weight class at 573lbs, and set it in December of 2015.

To add to Tate’s long list of impressive strength accomplishements, a few months in December 2016, she became one of the few women to squat 700 lbs.

She completed this lift with knee wraps on and at a heavier weight than her normal -198lb competition weight. Like the deadlift video above, this squat’s depth looks a little questionable, but the judges gave her the call.

Max attempts – or world record attempts for that matter – are often a little messy when it comes to their final call and lockout. It always weighs on the judge’s opinions who are making the split second decision. Regardless your personal opinions on her lifts, the judges gave the lifts to her, so it’s hard to argue their legitimacy.

There’s no arguing that Tate is one of the strongest female powerlifters in the 198 lb class. She frequently breaks her own world records and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Feature image screenshot from Crystal Tate YouTube channel.