GRID League’s D.C. Brawlers Sign Jeff Evans and Alexandra LaChance

It’s that time of year again. The National Pro Grid League draft is happening, teams are signing new athletes, and people everywhere are debating on whether or not the NPGL is even relevant. One thing is for sure, though: big name athletes are still hopping on the GRID train, and that’s a good thing for rising athletes and fans of all functional fitness sports.

This season, the DC Brawlers have added 2014 CrossFit Games athlete Jeff Evans as well as CrossFit Games athlete, All-American gymnast, and former Phoenix Rise athlete Alexandra LaChance to the roster. Evans and LaChance join NPGL rookies Emmy Simpkins, Ashley Jordan, Josh King, and Krista Owens, who the Brawlers picked up in the draft.

The final reps of the winning race during the 2015 NPGL Finals.

Alexandra LaChance fits in well with the Brawler’s ladies. She saw ample playing time for the Phoenix Rise, so she already understands the speed and quick thinking necessary to do well on the Grid. Her addition to the Brawlers goes along with coach Justin Cotler’s overall strategy for the women: let Taylar Stallings and Becca Day handle the big loads, but make sure the gymnastics specialists and utility players can handle the weight in clutch situations.

As a Division I gymnast for the University of Arkansas who recently benched 200lbs for 4 reps, expect to see LaChance shine on the barbell and on the rings.

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Jeff Evans, on the other hand, is a bit of a wild card. With two years of GRID to look back on, one thing we know is that elite CrossFit athletes don’t always translate into star Grid athletes. Most of them do well, sure, but the breakout stars are the athletes who haven’t competed as individuals at the CrossFit Games, as evidenced by Stallings and Day.

Evans is certainly a good catch, though. He recently handed a 215lb Atlas stone relatively well, despite never working with them before. He’s also a member of the 400lb-and-over clean club, which means Evans may give Christian Harris a break from closing out Race 11’s usual heavy barbell work.

Three years in, it’s still hard to tell if the NPGL has a secure future. But one thing is for sure: the DC Brawlers plan to not only stick around, but to keep on winning. #threepeat