17-Year-Old Dan Mahony Deadlifts 3.9 Times His Bodyweight

The Australian powerlifter is a serious force to be reckoned with.

-67.5kg Australian powerlifter Dan Mahony may be just 17 years old, but he can lift a lot. This month at the Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) Australia Nationals in Adelaide, South Australia, he competed at 67kg in the -67.5kg weight class and finished in first place. The biggest highlight of the competition for Mahony had to be his deadlift, where he pulled 3.9 times his bodyweight (260 kilograms or 573.2 pounds). While his deadlift certainly stood out, all of his lifts on the day were competition bests for him.

Here’s a rundown.

He squatted 529.1 lbs (240 kg), benched 292.1 lbs (132.1 kg), and deadlifted 573.2 lbs (260 kg). His squat and bench were each 10kg over his previous competition bests, and his deadlift was 12.5kg over his previous competition best. His total was 1394.4 lbs (632.5 kg).


Mahony is making a name for himself in the young powerlifting community. Of course, like many athletes he’s a perfectionist and he was dissatisfied with his performance.

He posted on his Instagram after competing, highlighting his three successful lifts and reflecting on his performance:

“Overall, got mixed feelings about how things went. Missed a few attempts due to basic s[***] that was my own fault. But was still able to hit the minimum numbers I wanted and was able to match my training total from a few weeks prior within 2.5kg. Bigger things are coming and all I want now to to be back on the platform. Shout out to all the great people I had behind me (they know who they are), couldn’t do it without you guys.”

A few weeks prior to the competition he squatted 534.6 lbs (242.5kg), which was his personal best in training and 2.5 kilograms heavier than the squat he made at this weekend’s meet. And just before that, on May 29, he did an impressive deadlift personal best, pulling 260 kg for one rep.


We’re not sure where he’ll be competing next, but the man said it himself: “bigger things are coming.”

Featured image from @dan.powerlifter_ Instagram page.