Is D’Angelo Osorio’s 211kg Clean & Jerk Attempt a Sign of Things to Come?

D’Angelo Osorio has been around American Weightlifting for awhile, having taken up the sport back in 2008. Now, the 105 kilogram lifter (who rose to Internet fame as a 94 kilo junior) has started breaking through plateaus and putting up new personal bests in the heavyweight class. After nailing a 210 clean & jerk at the Arnold Classic in early March, Osorio barely missed this 211 clean & jerk at last week’s PWA Championships.

Check it out below:

Not a make, certainly, but the clean was solid, and the positions are there — you wonder if he would have stuck the jerk had he gotten out of the squat just a little bit easier.

The lift would have been 1 kilogram over Donny Shankle’s PWA record 210 clean & jerk set in 2011. (Check that out below; video from California Strength.)

Osorio has been on a tear recently, setting new competition PRs in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and total this month. Earlier in 2016, he hit a 206 kilogram clean & jerk for a 9 kilo lifetime PR. Video below.

The 2014 Pan American medalist and 2014 World Team member has long shown a ton of promise, though his performances for much of 2015 seemed inconsistent, as if he’d hit a bit of a ceiling with his numbers.

Recent performances suggests Osorio has pushed through his old numbers for good, and hopefully it’s just the start of new progress for one of the USA’s more exciting lifters. There’s a great crop of USA 105s currently pushing hard, including Osorio, Ian Wilson, Ethan Harak, David Garcia, Spencer Moorman, and President’s Cup medalist Wes Kitts.