Dave Castro Hints At CrossFit Open 18.Zero Workout

We can’t say we’re completely surprised by Dave Castro’s latest Instagram post, but it’s definitely got our undivided attention. Every year, Castro does a “great” job at leading athletes through a maze of clues about workouts that he shares via social media in lead up to the CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Reebok CrossFit Games.

This year, Castro shared the first clue for the 2018 CrossFit season on January 1st. It was a simple picture in regards to the Open with a dumbbell and barbell accompanied with the caption, “18.???”. That hint is what we’d classify as standard Castro: a photo of equipment with an open ended question. Since then, we’ve been keeping our eye out for more Castro hints, and have thought on multiple occasions that it’s been a little too quiet.

Sure enough, Castro has dropped another hint that is not only ominous, but straight up confusing. Earlier today, Castro shared a photo on his Instagram page that shows himself and a smiling Dan Bailey. In the photo’s description he writes, “12:53am @dan_bailey9 is constantly flexing his biceps. Even during a casual brief as we prepare for the announcement of 18.Zero tomorrow.”

Yup, Castro has once again created a string of guesses as to what 18.0 (zero) could mean or be. If you ask us, we’re guessing it’s going to be similar to what Castro has done in the past with “.0” workouts. In past years, a “zero” workout has been an event that was used get athletes excited and signed up for the Open.

In lead up to the 2013 CrossFit Open, Castro built hype around a live announcement for workout 13.0, and had two elite athletes go head-to-head in a pancake eating contest. Check out the video below.

[CrossFit Open workout 18.1 is set to drop on February 22nd, to view the full 2018 CrossFit Games season, check out this link!]

Typically, the hints are relatively easy to take a stab and guess at, yet this one is a little more difficult. Do you have a hunch what 18.0 could mean? Comment below.

Feature image from @thedavecastro Instagram page.