Dave Castro Keeps Posting Books, But Are They CrossFit Open Clues?

Thanks to Dave Castro and his continual pursuit of throwing athletes off, the CrossFit community has now become accustomed to nothing being straight forward. Whether it’s the CrossFit Open, Regionals, or even the Reebok CrossFit Games, there’s always some twist involved. Last year, the Open was a string of misguided hints, which inevitably led to dumbbells being the star.

This year, Castro has continued the tradition of creating a series of hints, this time in the form of books…at least that’s what we suspect. Are they for sure hints? Chances are no, but if you look closely, Castro is stacking the books after each is posted, so they’re most likely related back to the Open in some way. His latest book post was shared a little less than an hour ago, which brings the total of books posted to date: Three.

His latest book post, similar to the other two comes with no description, or any form of advice, hint, suggestion, literally nothing. In a way, it’s fun because it creates conversation within the community, but at the same time it’s equally frustrating. Check it out below.

If this is a hint, what could it be? In my opinion, ‘irrationalism’ seems like a good way to describe what an uneven scale could mean in a workout. More likely, it could be some form of unilateral work, a farmers walk, or maybe even some form of carry (possibly a yoke?).

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The second to last book Castro posted came three days ago. This book was title ‘The Complete Sherlock Holmes’, which ironically is what most athletes assume the role of during the lead up to any CrossFit event.

And now to the first book Castro shared, which came on January 7th unannounced with no description. It’s a John Steinbeck book titled, ‘America and American Selected Nonfiction’, which could mean a slue of things.

Our best guess, it has some kind of spin in regards to being an American-made something? Maybe it’s a suggestion to something Rogue Fitness has done, or a CrossFit movement that’s been popularized in the U.S.

Like them or not, the clues are most likely not going away anytime soon. Yes, they can be frustrating at times, but they do it keep somewhat fresh and create conversation in the community, so our advice is to steer in the turn, and run with it.

Feature image from @thedavecastro Instagram page.