Dimitar Savatinov One-Arm Presses 143kg for New World Record

This weekend at the St Mary’s Stadium in Southhampton, England, the Ultimate Strongman Summermania contest took place. Ten of strongman’s top athletes went head-to-head in a series of five events with one world record broken.

That world record went to none other than arguably the sport’s strongest Circus Dumbbell Presser, Dimitar Savatinov. His new record stands at a ridiculous 143kg (315 lbs), which he made look somewhat routine, even during the pressing portion.

Check out the world record video below from Strength Tree’s YouTube channel.

It’s safe to say, when it comes to one-arm pressing, Savatinov is tops in the world right now.

A month ago, we reported on Savatinov’s insane 240kg (528 lb) barbell push press (video below), which had some strongman fans speculating if there would be much carry-over between barbell and strongman style pressing.

His dumbbell press looked stronger than ever, so it would appear the barbell work Savatinov had been doing for Summermania paid off (he did barbell presses due to limited strongman equipment availability).

As mentioned above, the Summermania event had the ten athletes undergo five events in the epic one-day showdown. These events included:

  • 400kg Giant Tire Flip
  • Log Press (with hopes of British/world record attempt)
  • Farmers Walk with 150Kg of weight in each hand
  • 1 Ton Car Deadlift AMRAP
  • Stones of Strength (head-to-head)

Unfortunately, no athletes were able to top Zydrunas “Big Z” Savickas’s 228kg (502lb) world record log press that he set at the 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil. Additionally, no athlete was able to top the British world record at 212kg either. The heaviest log press from the competition was put up by Graham Hicks at 200kg. (Savickas stopped at 180kg.)

The final results for the top ten overall are shared below.

  1. Martins Licis – 41
  2. Mateusz Kieliszkowski – 39.5
  3. Zydrunas Savickas – 36.5
  4. Terry Hollands – 33
  5. Nick Hadge – 30
  6. Matjaz Belsak – 29.5
  7. Graham Hicks – 26
  8. Charlie Gough – 20.5
  9. Dimitar Savatinov – 12
  10. Derek Poundstone – 1

Feature image screenshot from Strength Tree YouTube channel.