Watch Dwayne Johnson Do Strongman In the New “Baywatch” Trailer

“This has nothing to do with saving people!”

Today the new international trailer for the upcoming Baywatch reboot dropped, and we were pleased to see that it contains a hefty dose of strongman events – even though, as Efron’s character complains, it might not have a whole lot to do with lifesaving. (Note that the trailer contains some NSFW language.)

Fridge carrying is a strongman event that isn’t quite as widely recognized as Atlas Stones or the Log Lift, but it’s a serious display of strength and endurance in its own right. Typically, the athlete has sixty seconds to carry two fridges in a yoke with a combined weight of about 415kg (904lb) to the finish line of a 30-meter course.

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The world record in fridge carrying is currently held by – no surprise – the prolific Icelandic strongman and actor Hafthor Bjornsson, who broke the Guinness World Record in the event last year with an epic carry of 450kg (992lb) over twenty meters in 19.6 seconds.

Hafthor can add that to his other world records, which include a 15kg (33lb) keg toss of 24 feet and 6 inches, and the log carry, which he broke in February 2015 by carrying a 649kg (1,433lb), 30-foot long log on his shoulders for five steps.

Bjornsson’s log carry is considered by many as having broken a one thousand year old record that was set by the viking Orm Storolfson, who walked a ship mast of the same dimensions for three steps before breaking his back. (Of course, that’s a record that’s pretty hard to verify.)

Baywatch won’t be released in cinemas until May 26, but judging from the stars’ Instagram coverage, the film will feature at least one strongman event with fridge carries and tire flips.

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This movie definitely just got more interesting.

Featured image via Paramount Pictures International on YouTube