Is Eddie Hall Playing a Role In the New Transformers Movie?

Eddie Hall may be playing a minor role in the new Transformers movie: The Last Knight. There still hasn’t been confirmation of an acting role on Eddie Hall’s end, but an Instagram post shared by Trent Sevens suggests he’s in it.

The post shared 20 hours ago says, “Check out #transformers when it hits cinemas soon and you can see me, @wolfgangwrestler and @eddie_hall_strong have mad medieval battles probably. #britishstrongstyle #wwe #transformers.”

We wish we could state matter-of-factly on the matter, but without Hall’s confirmation, or seeing the film (yet), we can’t state for sure.

[Did you know Eddie Hall has hinted that he might try out weightlifting one day? Read more here.]

But there are a few clues that might further us to believe that Eddie Hall is in fact in the movie without previously seeing it.

Our Rationale and Clues

1. Wolfgang Young and Trent Sevens are both listed on the IMDb cast list with their respective roles, so they’re in the movie. If these two United Kingdom based personalities are in the movie, then the above photo was more than likely taken on set, and Hall is dressed the part (from what it appears).

2. A lot of the filming was done in the United Kingdom. In this Transformers movie, there are multiple medieval scenes that were filmed in Alnwick, a large market town in Northumberland, England. Hall’s hometown Stoke-on-Trent is a four hour drive from filming locations in Alnwick.

3. Strength Asylum also shared the same photo Trent Seven’s photo did. This is the gym Hall trains and films most of training footage at, so they probably wouldn’t post it if it weren’t true, but that’s just a guess.

From the above information, it doesn’t seem unrealistic that Hall appears in the film at some point.

Additionally, Hall has been posting more about his weight loss and venturing into new career/sport opportunities. Could we be seeing him on the big screen one day? Other strength athletes have made that transition (Arnold, Lou, etc).

For the time being, we’re going to continue looking for an official confirmation. But we’re sure more information will come to light as more athletes confirm or deny that they see Hall in the new movie – keep your eyes on the medieval scenes for a possible Hall spotting.

If you saw the movie, did you see Hall?

Feature image from @trentsevens7 Instagram page.