Elle Hatamiya: Follow the 11 Year Old Weightlifter’s Olympic Dream

It’s always a great day when strength sports receive mass media coverage. Bleacher Report recently did a story on Elle Hatamiya, an 11 year old weightlifter with an Olympic dream. Not only is Hatamiya giving the strength world inspiration with her drive, but she’s catching attention of outsiders with her talent in the sport of weightlifting.

This past June, Hatamiya took first in the 13U/11U 31kg division at the USA Weightlifting National Youth Championships in Austin, Texas. She sealed first with a 26kg (57 lb) snatch and a 33kg (72.6 lb) clean and jerk.

A recent Bleacher Report video highlights Hatamiya displaying her laser focus toward her Olympic dream. Currently weighing in at 71 lbs, Bleacher Report showcased a variety of her lifts including: 12 pullup max, 69 lb snatch, 103 lb back squat, 138 lb deadlift, and 83 lb clean & jerk.

Needless to say, this video will get you inspired and motivated to lift. When you hear Hatamiya’s voice in the background saying “I will compete in the Olympics,” while crushing her lifts, it’s impossible not to feel inspired.

While Hatamiya is driven, she has her work cut out for her. The sport of Olympic weightlifting in America continues to grow and become more competitive, which means athletes have to work even harder to make it to the Olympic level. In June, over 700 young athletes competed in the Youth Championships, which is an awesome sign for the future growth of the sport. 

To top it off, Hatamiya doubles as a gymnast and weightlifter. Both of these sports require top levels of athleticism, leaving no question about Hatamiya’s future potential. From what we’ve seen, the future looks bright for this young weightlifter who continues to build a name for herself and acquire more accomplishments. 

Feature image @elle.hot.tamale Instragram page