Emily Bridgers and Justine Beath Withdraw from 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games

Two more female athletes have withdrawn from the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games: Emily Bridgers and Justine Beath. At the time of writing, neither have publicly discussed their withdrawal but the CrossFit Leaderboard shows that while both athletes completed Day 1 they had withdrawn by the first event of Day 2, with neither competing in any of the day’s events.

Bridgers was unable to complete the O-course during Friday’s event called The Battleground, which consisted of dragging Rescue Randy (a weighted dummy), then completing two rope climbs, an obstacle course, then two more rope climbs and another Rescue Randy drag. Women wore a 14-pound vest as well, which wouldn’t have helped when Bridgers fell during a climb and reportedly dislocated her ankle. Back when Regionals kicked off, she announced that this would be her last year competing in the Games.

She wrote on Instagram,

Update for everyone: I dislocated my ankle earlier and most likely tore some ligaments. I was dropping from the rope wall on the obstacle course and just took a bad landing in the sand. Next thing I knew my ankle was facing the wrong direction. It popped back in, then out again, and back in.

This brings my @crossfitgames career to an abrupt end, which is sad, but I’m okay! I wasn’t planning on being a spectator this weekend, but I will try to make the most of it. Thank you so much to all the fans and everyone who has supported me over the years. It’s been an amazing ride!

It’s a little unclear as to why Beath withdrew, but we do know she was unable to complete the O-Course event. Reportedly, she was having issues maintaining her grip on the climbing apparatuses — the marathon row the day before may have simply smoked her forearms.

She wrote,

To fail publicly then be cut on the biggest stage there is in this sport, on the SECOND day of competition after training as hard as I could, being in the best shape physically and mentally is not something i had ever thought about.

In a way It would be easier if I had an excuse or reason that prevented me completing the event.

But I don’t. No injury, nothing to blame, I just struggled- really struggled. . Thankfully, my body is intact – However my ego bruised AF and heart broken

So grateful to all of the people who have supported and loved me along the way. More to come…. leaving this here for now xx

Justine Beath has competed in every Australian and Pacific Regional since 2011 and attended the Games in 2016, placing 38th. She’s also responsible for this extremely badass and incredibly slow muscle up that CrossFit HQ tweeted out last year.

We wish both athletes a speedy recovery.

Featured image via @emilybridgers on Instagram.