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Matthew Poplin, MD

Dr. Matthew Poplin is a powerlifter, outdoor enthusiast, and family medicine physician in Charlotte, NC. He has a passion for educating lifters on evidence-based exercise science, nutrition, and medicine. He co-runs an Instagram page called Bros_MD that he uses to share this information.

He graduated from the country’s #1 medical school for primary care, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is in the process of completing his family medicine residency. Within medicine, his interests include sports medicine, obesity medicine, telehealth, and preventative care. He strongly believes in the “exercise/nutrition is medicine” adage while understanding that traditional medicine can be an important adjunct in the treatment and prevention of many chronic diseases.

In his free time he enjoys off-roading, camping, and hiking with his girlfriend and German Shepherd named Xena (yes, like the warrior princess).