This Could Be The Hardest Pull-Up Challenge We’ve Ever Seen

The popular song “Flower” (known to most as “Bring Sally Up”) by pop artist Moby is making another resurgence with a fitness challenge attached to it. A few years ago, the song gained popularity when it was Tweeted about by CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning. In his Tweet, Froning wrote, “CHALLENGE: to the song “Bring Sally Up” by Moby w/ a 135# barbell on back. Squat on “Bring Sally Down” Stand on “Bring Sally Up”

This then led to multiple gyms and athletes completing the challenge, which is roughly 3:30 minutes long and a total of 30 full reps. Both squats and push-ups have been commonly used to complete this grueling challenge, but Swedish obstacle course racer Fanny Josefine took the challenge to a whole new level.

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She completely ignored the squats and push-ups, and reached for a pull-up bar. Every time the song said “Bring Sally Up” she would do a pull-up, and hold it until the words “Bring Sally Down” were sung. Thirty paused pull-ups in the span of 3:30 minutes with no rest? We got tired just watching the video. Check out the full clip below.

If you don’t know Josefine, she’s famous for completing insane feats with a ninja-esque spin. She currently trains for obstacle course races and bodyweight challenge competitions, and has an insane upper body workload capacity when it comes to strength and grip.

To further this point, two days ago, Josefine shared a YouTube video highlighting her completion of 61 pull-ups in a row, a set that lasted roughly 8:30 minutes (as stated in the video’s description). Are they the strictest forms of pull-ups? No, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless, and definitely explains how she did the “Bring Sally Up” challenge with ease.

When some people hear “fitness challenge” they roll their eyes, which is completely understandable, because they’re not meant for everyone, especially those following a specific program for competitive sport. And of course, there’s always a risk of injury when doing different feats, but that comes with most forms of exercise.

No matter what you think of the newest trendy fitness challenge, there’s no denying that this feat completed by Josefine was impressive!

Feature image from Fanny Josefine YouTube channel.