Flashback Friday: When Becca Day Cleaned 315 pounds

Call them the lifts that launched a thousand ships — or at least the cleans that took Becca Day from social media phenom to pro athlete. While there are some seriously strong women in CrossFit and functional fitness competition (we’ve seen numerous competitors clean 260 and over, including Brooke Wells, Brooke Ence, and Maddy Myers), Becca Day led the pack back in late 2014/early 2015.

Day’s 315 pound clean helped reframe the conversation on where the ceiling was on what female fitness competitors could lift — and if there was a ceiling in the first place.

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Day may still be the strongest woman in competitive fitness — she boasts a 500 pound deadlift, for starters — and it wasn’t even her heaviest on-camera clean that helped thrust her into the public eye. It was actually the 305 pound lift below, which sparked interest in her strength and speed and ultimately led to her signing by the DC Brawlers in the NPGL.

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The Brawlers signing was clearly a smart move, as the team went on to win their second consecutive Pinnacle trophy in 2015 (aka NPGL championship) with Day as a versatile and speedy focal point on the team.

Now, Day has her sights set on The CrossFit Games as a member of Team CrossFit Dynamix, ranked 1st out of the Open in the North East. The native Texan now calls New York home, and she’ll be one to watch at the East Super Regional — especially when events call for heavy barbell cycling.

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