Get 1% Better: A Posture Solution

Mobility can be simple, and sometimes, our best tools for undoing damage from sitting and bad posture are gravity and time. But to see those benefits, you have to put yourself in the right positions to open and expand your tissues, in addition to breaking down bad patterns and fascia that may have accumulated.

Below, I run through a simple, relatively passive thoracic spine opener that you can do every day. Quick tip: Follow my timing advice, and this movement may actually IMPROVE your sleep as well — I call that a win-win.

All it takes is a few minutes a day to start getting your body in safer, healthier, and more comfortable positions.

Which mobility, movement, and warm-up techniques do you want to see me cover next? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Bo Babenko

Bo Babenko

Bo Babenko is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is founder of FitCare Physiotherapy & Wellness in Orange County, CA.His passion is to provide an alternative to the current health care system, with in person and online consultation and a focus on using fitness to stay away from doctors and remain healthy in the gym and in life. The focus with each session he runs is to keep an eye on the long term health of the human body.

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