Get 1% Better: Shoulder Blade Isolation

Healthy shoulders are a key to staying active and doing all the things you love to do. One way to ensure they stay strong and injury free are these two drills we review in the video below.

Using a band to isolate one shoulder blade at a time works wonders for waking up a lot of the little muscles that hold our shoulder together. Then we can take it to the pull-up bar to ensure the left and right side can work well together.

It takes just a few minutes (or less) a day to become more aware of your shoulders, improve their performance and control, and build long-term stability. Try 5-10 reps on each side of the banded version, and 10 reps of the scapular pull up before any (and maybe every) workout to start building those “boulder shoulders” you’ve wanted for years.

Bo Babenko is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the Head Coach at CrossFit Gold Box in Dubai.