How to Watch the 2020 Iceland’s Strongest Man Contest

You can follow along with the action online.

The Iceland’s Strongest Man contest may have never received as much attention as it has in 2020. That’s because of the news that this year’s rendition may be the final contest for Hafthor Bjornsson. After this weekend, he’ll shift his focus entirely to train for his September 2021 fight with Eddie Hall. Should he win, he would break a tie with Magnus ver Magnusson and become the only 10-time champion in the contest’s history.

Iceland’s Strongest Man: How to Watch Online

Because of those reasons, as well as the fact that strength sports have seen limited competitions over the last few months thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event has garnered a lot of attention.
Fortunately, fans around the world will be able to keep up with the action thanks to Rogue Fitness. Their coverage of this weekend’s events will be streamed live on their YouTube channel. You can also watch on “The Index” of the Rogue Fitness website.

Rogue Fitness was also involved with coverage of the World’s Ultimate Strongman “Feats of Strength” series. That series began with Bjornsson’s world record 501kg deadlift back in May. So it’s fitting that they will provide coverage of this event that also features the 2018 World’s Strongest Man and will have many eyes from around the globe tuning in.

2020 Iceland’s Strongest Man Schedule

Day 1’s coverage will start on Saturday, August 8th at 1:00 PM local time. That’s 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight time, 6:00 AM Pacific time. The featured events will include three classic strongman staples. They are the Farmer’s Walk, the Bag Over Bar, and the Deadlift.

Day 2’s coverage will begin on Sunday, August 9th at 5:00 PM local time. That’s 2:00 PM Eastern time and 11:00 AM Pacific time. The events on that day include the Hand over Hand Truck Pull, an Overhead Medley that includes the Inch Dumbbell, Giants Dumbbell, and the Log Lift, as well as the Hussafell Stone Carry.

Featured Image: Instagram/thorbjornsson