How To Watch USA Weightlifting 2020 American Open Series 3

USAW will be holding their largest online competition to date from September 17-20.

The Nike American Open Series 3 powered by Rogue Fitness will be held from September 17-20, 2020 as a live, completely remote event. The announcement of this transition came in late July and followed the pattern of other strength sports competitions going remote. The Pan Am Cup and the 2020 Rogue Invitational have both held successful live, remote events earlier this year.

A live stream of the 2020 American Open Series 3 will be available on USA Weightlifting’s site.

According to a preliminary schedule released by USAW, the American Open Series 3 will kick off on Thursday with mock sessions and technical briefings for all athletes and officials. Weightlifting will occur on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a full slate of competitions occurring from 7AM – 8:15PM each day.

Note: All times in Mountain Time.

In the initial announcement of the transition to a remote competition, USAW CEO Phil Andrews said:

This is an innovative solution for an unprecedented time in our history. We want to give our members something to circle on their calendar. By holding this event remotely, we can assure our members that a weightlifting competition will happen that weekend.

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Following the lead of previously successful live remote events, all weightlifters will be required to have a list of sanctioned equipment available to them on competition day. Weightlifters will also need a 4 x 4m competition platform or a flat 4 x 4m space marked with tape. A technical official will be required to be on hand to verify each athlete’s equipment and competition area during the weigh-in period.

BarBend recently caught up with USA Weightlifting legends Cheryl Haworth and Tara Nott-Cunningham to highlight their remarkable stories of representing the USA in weightlifting at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Along with Haworth and Nott-Cunningham, 20-year-old Harrison Maurus also shared his story of rising through the ranks as a young weightlifter and his goals for the future. These stories have been developed into video packages that will be broadcast between sessions at the American Open Series 3.

With the previous successful roll outs of the Pan Am Cup and the 2020 Rogue Invitational, the 2020 USA Weightlifting 2020 American Open Series 3 will look to continue the string of entertaining and smoothly run live, remote competitions.

Featured image from USA Weightlifting’s Instagram page: @usa_weightlifting