Hunter Henderson Wins Her First Strongwoman Contest

Henderson has competed and won in three different strength sports.

Pro bodybuilder and world-record-holding powerlifter Hunter Henderson entered and won a competition in yet another strength sport. On Nov. 5, 2022, Henderson competed as a strongwoman athlete in the KC Strong Fifth Annual Veteran’s Day Challenge in Lee’s Summit, MO. She emerged victorious in the three-athlete super-heavyweight division.

KC Strong Fifth Annual Veteran’s Day Challenge Results

  1. Hunter Henderson
  2. Morgan Shulte
  3. Hayley Shaw

Below is a breakdown of Henderson’s performance at this contest.

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Henderson started the day with the Max Wagon Wheel Deadlift, which she won with a pull of 515 pounds. She then took on the Keg Press for Reps, and she completed 13 reps with the 125-pound keg. The third event was a dead hang for time on a pull-up bar with rolling handles. Henderson finished second with a time of 55.69 seconds. Morgan Shulte took first place with a time of 1:02.47.

The day concluded with the Last Standing Woman Atlas Stone Over Bar. Henderson was the only athlete to lift a 225-pound stone over the bar. Thanks to the victory, Henderson qualified for the 2023 United States Strongman Nationals, where she could potentially earn pro-strongwoman status. That contest is scheduled to take place on June 3, 2023, in Dallas, TX. If Henderson wins, she would become a three-sport professional athlete.

Henderson in 2022

This event is the latest in what has been a very successful year for Henderson. In January 2022, she broke the 82.5-kilogram division’s all-time world record in the raw squat at the Hybrid Showdown IV meet by lifting 250 kilograms (551 pounds). She followed that by breaking the all-time world record in the back squat (raw with wraps) by lifting 305 kilograms (672 pounds) in May at the 2022 FQ Classic in Las Vegas, NV.

Henderson is an IFBB Pro League athlete. She turned pro at the 2021 NPC USA Championships and competed in the 2021 Tampa Pro one week later. She finished second to Mona Poursaleh, narrowly missing qualification for the 2021 Ms. Olympia. She did not compete as a bodybuilder in the 2022 season.

While there isn’t word yet if Henderson will compete again before the end of 2022, the potential trajectory of her 2023 season is one of the widest for any strength athlete on the planet.

Featured image: @huntermhenderson on Instagram