Ian Daniel Destroys a Huge 408kg Trap Bar Deadlift PR

When you break a personal record on a single lift, it’s often by a few extra kilograms, granted, sometimes it can be a little more and fall in the ranges of something like 10-20kg. But rarely is a PR jump as big as Ian “The Rhino” Daniel’s latest trap bar deadlift single, which comes in the form of an insane 113kg/251 lb PR leap after smoking his latest 408kg/901 lb pull.

And obviously we know that more than likely Daniel probably doesn’t train the trap bar deadlift that often for heavy reps (or hasn’t tested his max in a while), thus the irony of the insane jump in his PR, but still a 113kg stretch is no joke, especially when it pushes you past the 900 lb milestone.

To explain on the above point further, Daniel writes in his Instagram video’s description, “Haven’t done this parlor trick in three years. All the gear and high handles to pull 901lbs for a 251lb PR. Now just to get my hips strong enough and stance wide enough to make this my sumo range of motion”

Author’s Note: The video below features Daniel’s latest trap bar deadlift. For those having trouble viewing on mobile — visit here!

One of Hybrid Performance Method’s owners Hayden Bowe also shared Daniel’s trap bar deadlift on his Instagram page and jokingly added,

“P.S. if you’re one of those people who tries to add up the barbell & plates and tell us the weight is actually something else… just don’t be that person anymore. I promise we had our brightest minds at Hybrid quadruple check the numbers.”

In late August, Daniel competed in the raw 220 lb weight class at the WRPF Boss of Bosses V powerlifting meet in Mountain View, California. At the meet, he totaled a big 822kg/1,802 lbs and hit a 309kg/683 lb squat, a 192kg/424 lb bench press, and a 319kg/705 lb deadlift. We don’t know about you, but after this monstrous lift, we’re pumped to see what Daniel has in store with his strength for future meets.

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Feature image from @ian_the_rhino Instagram page.