16 Year Old Jackson Powell Squats 655 Pounds Three Times

Jackson Powell is only 16 and appears to have a promising future under the bar!

If you need some Friday squat motivation, then look no further because we have you covered. A few days ago, Jackson Powell, a 16 year old up and coming football player and powerlifter, casually squatted 655 pounds (297kg) three times.

For a little more context on how much Powell has improved with his lifting over the last year alone, let’s take it back to his first ever powerlifting performance. In April 2018, Powell competed in his first powerlifting meet ever at the SPF Grit House Classic in the 308 lb weight class in the raw 13 to 15 year-old division.

On the day of his performance, Powell put together some seriously impressive numbers squatting 560 pounds, bench pressing 330 pounds, and deadlifting 570 pounds. So if you’re a numbers person, in the video below Powell exceeded his squatting performance from last year by crushing his best meet squat by 95 pounds and hitting it for three reps.


For being one of Powell’s best triples to date, that weight moved extremely well. We’re curious where his true 1-RM is currently sitting.

And if you want more of Powell’s lifting, he also posted an impressive deadlift video the next day. The Baylor University commit called his performance “just another day at the office.”  In his deadlift video video, Powell pulled a smooth and quick 605 pounds for three reps, which is again, one his best triples to date. However, how does this deadlift set stack up to the best 16-17 year old raw powerlifters and the current -308 pound record?

Accordingly to openpowerlifting.org, the current teenage 16-17 year old raw -308 pound deadlift record is held by Zachary Strouse at 639 pounds, and this record has stood since 2013. For context, Powell is only pulling 34 pounds shy of this record and is doing it for three fast reps.


We don’t know about you, but we are more than excited to watch Powell grow in both his athletic and strength sports career.

Feature image from @bigjpowell Instagram page.