Check Out Jaisyn Mike Bench Press 265kg/585lb at 42 Years Old

Jaisyn Mike is in the conversation to set a new powerlifting world record in the Masters 1 division.

The powerlifting world has had some extremely impressive performances in Masters divisions recently. Many of which have involved world record setting lifts. It gives credence to the long used trope that, when it comes to powerlifting, age is just a number. 

Jaisyn Mike certainly falls into that idea. His powerlifting debut did not happen until he was 37 years old in 2014. During his debut at the American Powerlifting Federation (APF) Texas Challenge, Mike bench pressed 227kg/501.5lb. Since then, he has competed in twenty-four competitions and stood atop the podium at twenty of them.

His bench press has had a rising trend the last six years and he is closing in on another IPF Masters 1 division (ages 40-49) bench press world record. Check out the 42 year old Mike push a colossal 265kg/585lb from his Instagram page below:

The goal is to be the greatest DRUG TESTED BENCHER EVER.

If he continues to bench heavier and heavier weight as breezily as he did this 265kg/585lb, that goal might become a reality pretty soon. Mike competes in the 120+kg weight class and his body weight at the time of this lift was 280lb. 

Mike currently holds the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Masters 1 bench press world record in the 120+kg weight class with his 281kg/619.5lb press from the IPF 6th World Classic Championships in 2018. If you have not seen that incredible lift, check it out below.

Mike’s 265kg/585lb bench press is already 25kg/55lb over Horace Lane’s IPF world record 240kg/529lb bench press in the -120kg class set in 2017. If Mike is able to maintain his current strength while cutting the last 7kg/16lb needed to compete in the -120kg class, he might be able to etch his name into the record books yet again.


Who is Jaisyn Mike?

Jaisyn Mike is an accomplished powerlifter who competes in the 120+kg weight class.

He currently holds the IPF world record bench press in the 120+kg weight class; a 281kg/619.5lb bench press from the IPF 6th World Classic Championships in 2018.

How old is Jaisyn Mike?

Powerlifter Jaisyn Mike was born in 1978. He made his competitive powerlifting debut at 37 years old at the APF Texas Challenge on August 2, 2014.

Feature image from Jaisyn Mike’s Instagram page: @mr.athletic_over_everything