Janis Finkelman Deadlifts 440 lbs for Four Easy Triples

Powerlifter Janis Finkelman is setting herself up to have an explosive 2018 judging from her latest training videos. Her latest video shines light on her epic deadlift strength and features four strong and easy triples at 440 lbs (200kg).

Finkelman mentions in her Instagram video’s description that these are sets two and three (if you scroll left in the Instagram post carousel) of the four. Check out the video below.

If you don’t know Finkelman, she’s a powerlifter that competes in the 123 lb and 132 lb weight classes. Her best meet total to date is 1,051 lbs and she currently holds the 132 lb women’s IPL world record deadlift.

She set the IPL deadlift world record back in August 2017 with the 496 lb pull (shown below) at the USPA Bar Benders Raw Championship in Minnesota. To add to this lift’s impressiveness, she hookgripped the lift, but more on that below.

This deadlift was a huge deal for Finkelman, as for the whole year before this meet she was rehabbing a torn bicep tendon. In the mid-summer of 2016, Finkelman tore her bicep tendon deadlifting 460 lb for a double with a mixed grip, hence the switch to hookgrip.

In her 496 lb deadlift video’s description she writes, “This was a lift I’m pretty sure I got basically only because I wanted it, it was what I came for, and I had no other choice. It was not perfect, or easy. Nothing hard won is. I’m grateful for the last year, one of the hardest in my life, and not remotely just because of my arm.”

The 496 deadlift isn’t the only world record Finkelman has set in her career. For quite a while she held the 123 lb deadlift all-time world record, which she set back in 2015.

At this 2015 meet, Finkelman totaled 905 lbs with a 303 lb squat, 192 lb bench press, and 454 lb deadlift. Check out the video below.

As of right now, we’re unsure when Finkelman plans to compete next, although, judging from her latest progress video, we’d guess she’s going to put up some strong numbers whenever that may be.

Feature image from @janisfinkelman Instagram page.