Watch Strongman Jerry Pritchett Deadlift 800 Pounds for 7 Reps!

Jerry Pritchett is primarily known as one of the world’s top strongman competitors, but his deadlifting is world-class whether he’s competing in that sport or powerlifting (as evidenced by his 914 pound powerlifting world record from earlier this year). He also has the heaviest deadlift by any American in history, completed in strongman style (straps, hitching, and suits allowed) at this year’s World Deadlift Championships.

As an athlete, Pritchett believes strongman and powerlifting training can actually compliment each other, and we’re inclined to be believe the man who routinely takes north of 900 pounds for a ride off the ground. After a hamstring injury at this year’s World’s Strongest Man in Bostwana, Pritchett has been taking it “easy” — which for him simply means lifting very heavy weight for reps.

Here’s Pritchett deadlifting 800 pounds for 7 reps at this past weekend’s Arnold Classic Strongman Europe. While Brian Shaw walked away with the overall prize at the Barcelona-based competition, Pritchett — still lifting on an injured hammie — pulled very smooth reps. Competitors weren’t lifting touch and go, but rather resetting between reps, which some would argue makes the lifting that much more impressive.

And in case you were wondering, that is a standard deadlift bar. The six-foot, four-inch Pritchett, like many top strongmen in the Open bodyweight division, is simply a gargantuan human being who dwarfs normal strength training equipment.