Jesse Lanuevo Deadlifts a Monstrous 605 lbs At 145 lbs Bodyweight

This is well over a 4x bodyweight deadlift!

If you’re in need of some deadlift motivation on this quiet Wednesday, then look for further than IPL deadlift world record holder Jesse Lanuevo. 

Yesterday, Lanuevo shared a massive deadlift on his Instagram page and it deserves some attention. At a bodyweight of 145 lbs (as stated by the @kingofthelifts Instagram page), Lanuevo pulled a massive 605 lbs, which is getting us incredibly excited for his next meet. 

In his Instagram post’s description he writes, “Horrid grind of a single. Don’t usually train this early but not salty because I still got 600+ in me. 605×1 @ 7 half way, after the knees 10. Followed by 515x3x3 not shown”

Check out the monstrous deadlift below.

This lift is huge a few reasons. Since 2014, Lanuevo has competed in 24 powerlifting meets and traditionally competes at a bodyweight of 132 lbs. So why is this lift so big besides the fact that it’s well over a four times bodyweight pull? 

Well for starters, earlier this year in September, Lanuevo deadlifted 600 lbs in competition for the first time at the IPL Olympia Pro Powerlifting Meet (he competed in deadlift-only). In his Instagram post’s description below highlighting this feat, Lanuevo points out that only handful of 132 lb athletes have deadlifted 600+ lbs in competition. Since then, he’s pulled 600 lbs+ on multiple occasions, and this include his most recent 605 lb lift. 

Another reason this lift is huge is because it’s scary close to the current 132 lb deadlift world records for both full power and deadlift-only. In a full power meet, the current 132 lb deadlift world record sits at 606.2 lbs and is held by Derek Ng, and the deadlift-only world record sits at 630.5 lbs and is held by Stuart Jamieson

At the IPL Olympic Pro Powerlifting meet Lanuevo missed his third attempt with 611.7 lbs, but we’re optimistic that he’ll top that soon enough. With another 600+ lb pull under his belt, we’re pumped to see what 2020 has in store for Lanuevo. 

Feature image from @deadliftgod Instagram page.