Powerlifter Jonathan Cayco (93kg) Totals 1902 Pounds For An Unofficial World Record

Jonathan Cayco had himself a record-breaking day at the California State Championships.

Powerlifter Jonathan Cayco is heating things up in the -93kg weight class. The man had quite the showing at the USA Powerlifting’s California State Championships over the weekend, putting up a new American record and unofficial world record total of 1902 pounds, or 863 kilograms.

This (drug tested, no wraps) total surpassed Jesse Norris’ 1874 lbs record tota, which he set at a USAPL meet in 2015.

Cayco’s lifts looked like this:

  • Squat: 300 kg / 661 lbs 
  • Bench press: 230.5 kg / 508 lbs
  • Deadlift: 332.5 kg / 733 lbs 
  • Total: 863 kg / 1902 lbs 

He posted on his Instagram after his performance thanking several people that prepped him for the meet, and also expressed how he’s still hungry to get better. He missed his third bench press attempt and third deadlift, so singled those moments out as areas he hopes to build off of come Raw Nationals in October. He wrote on his Instagram post,

“Ready to start prepping for Raw Nationals aka The Tournament of Power in October!! I’m excited!”

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Post Meet Recap: Best footage I have rn, lol. Ready to knock out soo I'll throw this out there. CA State Championships, 93 kg tings' Squat: 300 kg / 661 lbs Bench Press: (American Record) 230.5 kg / 508 lbs Deadlift: 332.5 kg / 733 lbs Total: (American Record + Unofficial World Record ) 863 kg / 1902 lbs IPF Score: 834 points / 543 Wilks / Ultra Instinct Thank you to @c.ninarun @joeyflexx7 @tina_tornado and the Flexx Fam for getting me through today and this prep! Literally coudn't do this without your guidance and support. Thank you to @sbd.usa for coming out and filming + making sure I'm lookin' freshhh on the platform. I appreciate all the support you all give, it means the world to me. 🙏 Also thank you to the CA Refs and Staff for running a great mini-nats @carleon44 Thanks @genopowerlifting for making meets 100x more hyped 😆 Still a little bittersweet cuz' I missed my 3rd Bench and 3rd Dead so I learned a lot and am hungry to get better. 👍 Ready to start prepping for Raw Nationals aka The Tournament of Power in October!! I'm excited! Let's Fight!! 🔥🙂 @kingofthelifts #ultrainstinct #teamjoeyflexx #powerlifting #93kg #raw #usapl #ipf #squats #benchpress #deadlift #strongman #weightlifting #powerbuilding #bodybuilding #physique #strong #training #workout #gym #gymlife #motivation #athlete #health #fitfam #fit #gains #fitness #fitspo #beast #tournamentofpower

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This performance comes just a month after Cayco pressed a massive 520 pounds (236 kg) for an easy single which if he’d done it in a meet, would have surpassed the IPF World Record — even in a single lift meet.

As it stands, Cayco is lifting his way to be one of the strongest powerlifters of his class. He posted another video following the meet talking about his goals before he competed in the Championship, noting he had his eyes set on performing a massive total that would position himself as a front runner heading into Raw Nationals.

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#Repost @sbd.usa • • • • • • "Everyone is going to have to step their game up." – Jonathan Cayco, 93kg US record holder in the bench and total Shout out to @sbd.usa for the awesome meet footage, I had fun spending the week with you guys leading into this comp! I am forunate to have your constant support and I am forever grateful, thank you. 🙏 T.O.P. in October!! Let's Fight!! 🔥🙂 #ultrainstinct #teamjoeyflexx #powerlifting #93kg #raw #usapl #ipf #squats #benchpress #deadlift #strongman #weightlifting #powerbuilding #bodybuilding #physique #strong #training #workout #gym #gymlife #motivation #athlete #health #fitfam #fit #gains #fitness #beast #tournamentofpower

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“I want to come into Raw Nationals really comfortable  and with a total that everyone is going to have to step their game up.”

We would say an unofficial world record total and a new American total would position Cayco in a good, and comfortable spot, for Nationals.

Featured image from @league_of_lifting Instagram page.