Julius Maddox Bounces Back With a 740lb Bench Press Double (Almost)

The road to the 800lb bench press continues.

Julius Maddox was on the “Road to the 800lb Bench Press” for much of the last year. That all came to a head when that would-be heaviest raw bench press of all-time was scheduled for Saturday, June 20th in the World’s Ultimate Strongman’s “Feats of Strength” series feature “Beasts of the Bench“.

Had Maddox hit that lift, he would have been the first human to ever bench press 363kg/800lb raw. What ended up happening during the biggest raw bench press attempt ever was a misload. The barbell was missing a 25kg plate on Maddox’s left side. Instead of forging mankind into a new phase of human strength, the misload led to Maddox tweaking his pec. He was unable to hit the lift afterwards.

Fast forward to a month later and Maddox is back in the saddle posting some massive lifts on his Instagram page. Check out his most recent — a colossal 335kg/740lb double:


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This is a pretty massive lift to perform just one month after sustaining a pec injury, but the all-time raw bench press world record holder was displeased with it. He said as much in the caption of his post:


He expanded on that sentiment by admitting to a weakness he has recognized in his game:

Instability is the biggest issue I’m having at this point. Benching on a standard pad is making it hard for me to find balance and leverage. I’ve tried to adapt but cant seem to adjust.

He posted this lift again in full, including the unsteady lockout in the second rep. Check it out below to see where that instability interferes with his finish:

There is little doubt that Maddox will attempt to hit a 363kg/800lb bench press again. It is still a mystery as to when he aims to make that happen, but the man is in a league of his own having set the all-time world record bench press on four separate occasions previously. Currently, the all-time world record is his 350kg/770lb bench press from the Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition Slingshot Showdown at the Arnold Sports Festival this past March.

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We hope that by the time he does go for 363kg/800lb again, he’ll have corrected whatever is causing his instability and goes for it with the correct weight on the barbell.

Featured image via Julius Maddox’s Instagram page: @irregular_strength