How To Watch Julius Maddox’s 800lb Bench Press World Record Attempt

The heaviest raw bench press by any human in history could happen this Saturday, June 20th.

Julius Maddox will attempt to bench press 363kg/800lb — the heaviest raw bench press by any human ever — this Saturday, June 20th, as part of World’s Ultimate Strongman’s (WUS) “Feats of Strength” series.

It will be the seventh episode in the series. Episodes five and six saw Rhianon Lovelace set a new lightweight Atlas Stone world record and Rob Kearney set a new American record log lift, respectively.

Maddox’s lift will headline “Beasts of the Bench” — a series of featured bench presses as part of “Super Saturday”, which will include several other world record attempts in addition to Maddox’s. Rauno Heinla going head-to-head against Jerry Pritchett to set a new 400kg/882lb deadlift for reps record and Johnnie Harris‘ attempt to be the lightest man ever to bench press 317.5kg/700lb are included in the lineup.

Ed Coan will be the official referee.

Maddox’s world record attempt will be live streamed at 12pm EST/5pm UK via:


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Maddox’s world record attempt was originally scheduled for June 27th, but was moved up a week in the WUS schedule.

He currently holds the all-time world record bench press of 350kg/770lb that he hit at the Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition’s (XPC) Slingshot Showdown at the Arnold Sports Festival this past March. If you forgot how epic that lift was, check it out again below from Maddox’s YouTube channel:

The build up to the mythical 363kg/800lb bench press has been a long journey for Maddox. For quite some time, whether it be a big lift in training or a new record lift in competition, he has positioned each of them as just another stop on the “Road to the 800lb Bench Press“.

For more on that and a further breakdown of his historic 350kg/770lb lift, check out the video below:

If any person on the planet is capable of doing what no other human has ever done before and successfully lift 363kg/800lb, it is certainly Maddox. We’ll find out this Saturday if the best in the world can get even better.

Feature image from Core Sports Instagram page: @coresportsworld