Watch Powerlifter Kheycie Romero Deadlift a Monstrous 605lbs!

Kheycie Romero puts her mental toughness on display to break past the 600lb milestone.

Reaching a new personal record is forever a moving target. Once you hit it, the goal posts move again; heavier and heavier. It can be mentally daunting to continuously push for more. The constant stress on the body can certainly take its toll. But sometimes pushing past those limits and trusting that the training will pay off is all it takes to reach a new milestone.

That is how powerlifter Kheycie Romero pulled a huge 274kg (605lbs) raw. For context, Romero most recently competed at a bodyweight of 85kg (188lbs), making this lift more than three times her competition bodyweight.

Check it out from her Instagram page:

This was not the flashiest of deadlifts. The struggle looked real before Romero ultimately locked it out. She does not slam the barbell or celebrate after hitting a monumental PR. She focused on form and hit her target despite feeling physically unprepared. In her post, Romero speaks to trusting the process even if it feels dubious.

Physically, I wasn’t ready for this.
But mentally, I was.
This is ‘Mind Over Matter’

Hello, 600’s.

“Mind over matter” seems to be a powerful tool for Romero. She has been pulling some massive lifts this past week and scaling them at an insane rate. In the above post, she also shared a 265kg (585lbs) deadlift. Did she feel physically ready for that? Just two days prior, she shared a 256kg (565lbs) pull. That is an 18kg (40lb) increase in just two days.

Although Romero only competed once in 2019 (a first place finish at the United States Powerlifting Association Battle at the Bay V), these recent big lifts suggest she has no intention slowing down.

She has already hinted that her current PR’s days are numbered with her 288kg (635lbs) deadlift off 2 inch blocks.

The 26 year old Romero has only appeared in six events since she started competing in 2017. Of those six, she won four of them. Oh, and she took silver at the other two.

When Romero will compete next is not yet known, but judging by her current pace and “mind over matter” strategy, her next big lift will come very soon.


Who is Kheycie Romero?

Kheycie Romero is an accomplished powerlifter. She most recently won the USPA Battle at the Bay V.

What does "mind over matter" mean?

“Mind over matter” is an expression that means using willpower to overcome physical problems.

Feature image from Kheycie Romero’s Instagram page: @kheycie