Kheycie Romero Deadlifts 545 lbs for a Hook Grip PR

Powerlifter Kheycie Romero has set the bar high for her next competition!

If you’re looking for some deadlift inspiration to get your Tuesday off to a strong start, then look no further. Powerlifter Kheycie Romero recently shared a monstrous deadlift that has caught the attention of a lot of strength athletes on social media. 

Yesterday, Romero shared a huge 545 lb deadlift video on her Instagram page that was also a hook grip PR. She writes in the video’s description,

“All time strapless PR and it was HOOKGRIP! Still got 10 more weeks to go til the #HybridShowdown” 

Check out the video below,

What’s most impressive about this deadlift is that she made it look incredibly easy pulling hook grip. In the comment section, she points out that she actually is starting to like this grip style over using straps for heavier pulls replying to one comment saying, “Yeah I actually think I’m starting to prefer hook over straps, pulls have felt better.”

This is huge news for Romero’s next meet’s numbers because with a reworked hook grip that’s becoming much more comfortable, then missing big pulls will (more than likely) no longer be a matter of grip strength! 

To date, Romero’s best competition pull is 518 lbs, so she has set the bar pretty high for herself at her next meet with her latest 545 lb pull. In her Instagram description above, she points out that her next meet will be the Hybrid Showdown II taking place in Miami, Florida in February 2020. 

We don’t know about you, but we’re incredibly excited to see what numbers she’s able to tackle with two more months of consistent training. And if we to September, Romero pulled a very strong 545 lb double and 567 lb single, so we think it’s safe to say that her previous meet best will fall fairly soon.

As hook grip becomes more comfortable for her, we’re pumped to see what Romero is able to accomplish at the Hybrid Showdown II meet!

Feature image from @kheycie Instagram page.