Kristy Hawkins (75KG) Sets 3 World Records at the 2021 Bucked Up Showdown Powerlifting Meet

Despite a biceps tear, Hawkins hit a WR deadlift and now holds all four records in the Women's 75-Kilogram division.

The 2021 Bucked Up Showdown, sanctioned by the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF), was full of historic moments. On Sept. 25, John Haack totaled 1,005.5 kilograms at 90 kilograms, Joe Sullivan squatted 380 kilos, raw, in the 100-kilogram class, and Tamara Walcott pulled the heaviest raw deadlift ever in the women’s division at 288.5 kilograms.

Add Kristy Hawkins to that list, because the 75-kilogram (165-pound) lifter took Kansas City, MO by storm, collecting world records in the squat, deadlift, and total. The main highlight is her incredible 275-kilogram deadlift, in which she suffered a biceps tear while locking out the bar. The summary of her day is below.

  • Squat — 262.5 kilograms (578 pounds)*
  • Bench Press — 147.5 kilograms (325 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 275 kilograms (606 pounds)*
  • Total — 685 kilograms (1,509 pounds)*

*All-time World Record for the 75-kilogram class in the Raw division.

According to Open Powerlifting, Hawkins is the number one raw woman lifter (via the Dots formula system) and second behind Marianna Gasparyan in the Wilks formula system. (Dots and Wilks are formulas that consider body weight and weight lifted to determine which lifter was the strongest pound-for-pound at a meet.)

Hawkins shared clips and a summary of her day, including an injury she suffered during her final deadlift attempt. With these three world records, Hawkins now owns every women’s record in the Raw category at 75 kilograms; her current bench press record is 155 kilograms.


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“Yes, I did tear my biceps on the 275-kilogram Deadlift and begrudgingly decided to pass on my third attempt,” Hawkins wrote in the caption. “But I held onto that s***.”


Hawkins started her day by going three for three on the squat. She opened with 240 kilograms and followed that by another good lift with 255 kilograms. She then jumped another 7.5 kilograms and reclaimed the world record that was taken by Hunter Henderson at the 2020 Showdown event. Henderson squatted 242.5 kilograms on that day.

Bench Press

Hawkins was also perfect on the second lift of the day. She opened with a good lift of 140 kilograms. Her next attempt with 145 kilograms was also called good. She then jumped a conservative 2.5 kilograms for her third attempt, which was also ruled a good lift.


Her opening attempt of the final lift of the day was with 267.5 kilograms, and it was successful. She then moved on to her world record attempt of 275 kilograms. In spite of her biceps tearing, Hawkins maintained the lockout position before receiving the down command, reclaiming the world record that was taken away from her by Brianny Terry at the 2021 Hybrid Showdown in February.


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As Hawkins shared in her Instagram post, she waived her final attempt, resulting in an eight for eight performance overall. The total record breaks the previous mark of 639.5 kilograms that was also set by Henderson at the 2020 Showdown. As of this writing, Hawkins had not shared when her next meet will be. The severity of her biceps injury will play a factor in whether she competes in 2022 or not.

Featured Image: @kristy_hawkins on Instagram