Krzysztof Wierzbicki (-100kg) Deadlifts All-Time World Record 433.5kg/955.7lb

The current world record holder pushes the record a full kilo further.

The 28 year old Polish powerlifter, Krzysztof Wierzbicki, has done it again. Known as “Mr. Deadlift”, Wierzbicki is notorious for pulling some of the heaviest weight around. He has a tendency to not only set new deadlift records, but to then use those records as a bench mark for triples in training.

Wierzbicki not only won the International Streetlifting Federation (ISF) Siberian Power Show this past weekend on March 8th in Krasnoyarsk, Russia in the -100kg weight class, but he set a new all-time deadlift world record of 433.5kg/955.7lb at a bodyweight of 97.5kg/215lb along the way.

Wierzbicki had set the previous unofficial world record deadlift of 432.5kg/953.5lb at the Czechia-UA sanctioned Deadlift Challenge III, 1.5kg/3lb more than Cailer Woolam’s former world record 431kg/950lb deadlift at the 2019 Kern US Open.

Check out the new all-time world record 433.5kg/955.7lb deadlift by Wierzbicki from isfeeler’s YouTube channel below:

At this meet, Wierzbicki was also able to match his personal best squat of 310kg/683.4lb. And despite pulling an absolutely mind-boggling amount of weight in what looked like a fairly easy deadlift for him, Wierzbicki was not fully satisfied with his performance. In his Instagram post that shares him holding the first place trophy, Wierzbicki writes:

“My preparation wasn’t as good as it could be.”

In regard to his bench press, which seems to be where he struggles most, he wrote:

“Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hit the 200kg/441lb mark. AGAIN. I missed it by 2.5kg/5.5lb, so I benched 197.5kg/435.4lb.”

Even though his deadlift was the heaviest ever lifted in his weight class, Wierzbicki felt he could have lifted more had his grip felt one hundred percent going in:

“I felt extremely powerful but the grip just wasn’t there, which is something I can’t explain but still it’s a new experience for me and a new mystery to solve. 450kg/992kg keeps me waiting, until next time…

Here were Wierzbicki’s stats from the ISF Siberian Power Show:

  • Squat: 310kg/683.4lb
  • Bench Press: 197.5kg/435.4lb
  • Deadlift: 433.5kg/955.7lb – All-Time World Record
  • Total: 941kg/2,074.5lb

Feature image from isfeeler’s YouTube channel.