Krzysztof Wierzbicki Pulls 432.5 kg (953.4 lbs) For An Unofficial All-Time World Record

Check out Wierzbicki's insane 953.5 lbs deadlift!

Polish deadlifting sensation Krzysztof Wierzbicki just unofficially broke the all-time world record deadlift with a massive 432.5kg, or 953.5 lbs pull. He currently weighs 98 kilograms (216.2 pounds), making this a 4.4x bodyweight equipped deadlift. This is three pounds over Cailer Woolam’s all-time record of 431kg.

Wierzbicki’s performance at the Czechia-UA sanctioned Deadlift Challenge III in the Czech Republic proved to be quite the career milestone. The competition took place this past weekend in the “Monster Division” and he finished in first place with his suitably monstrous deadlift of 953.5 lbs. He weighed in at 216.2 lbs and competed in the men’s ~28 age group. Before he hit 953.2 lbs, he pulled 826.7 lbs, then 881.8 lbs, according to Open Powerlifting.

Check out the historic deadlift below:

Wierzbicki’s pull unofficially breaks Cailer Woolam’s raw deadlift world record of 950.2 lbs which he set at the Kern US Open this year. Woolam (who goes by Dr. Deadlift) even gave Wierzbicki (who goes by Mr. Deadlift) a shoutout on Instagram for his impressive feat, writing:

“I gotta give a huge congratulations to [Mr. Deadlift] for beating my world record deadlift at 100kg class yesterday with a huge 432.5 kg pull. Not exactly sure why this says “unofficial” ? Amazing lift dude.”

Wierzbicki is a familiar name in the sport of powerlifting and holds several IPF world records.

He holds two raw records: one in the -93 kg weight class (372.5kg) and one in the -105kg weight class (390.5kg).

Perhaps his most significant lift, though, was as an equipped lifter at the World Games in 2017. He weighed in at 105.07kg so instead of lifting as a -105kg athlete he competed in the -120kg class — and went on to make the heaviest deadlift in the history of the IPF.  The man pulled a mammoth 420 kilograms, which to this date is heavier than any other deadlift made in the IPF, including the 405kg record in the 120+kg class from Julian Johansson last year. Watch it below.

Wierzbicki’s latest pull of 432.5kg may be unofficial, but it’s darn impressive to say the least. We’re excited to see what kind of weight he pulls at his next IPF meet.

Featured image from @powerliftingram Instagram page.