Laura Desey Defies MS to Compete in Her First Powerlifting Meet

Laura Desey's battle with Multiple Sclerosis hasn't stopped her from competing at powerlifting meets.

If you are looking for some midweek inspiration, look no further than this powerlifting meet at Valhalla Strength in Brisbane, Australia. It was a a novice three-lift competition, which meant it was open to anyone who wanted to enter who hadn’t previously podiumed at an event.

The star of the show was an Australian powerlifter named Laura Desey. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) three years ago and despite the diagnosis making it much harder for Desey to exercise, she’s managed to put up a solid performance.

For Desey, she loses the ability to walk when she gets fatigued or too hot, but that doesn’t mean she can’t lift. Ahead of her turn on the platform, Desey was carried by her good friend Aaron to the platform where she would go on to perform a 115kg squat, 60kg bench, and just missed a 140kg deadlift.

She shared on her Instagram multiple posts about the meet, even reposting one from another woman who was attending the event. Suzie Maude, another powerlifter, shared on her Instagram how much of an inspiration Desey was.

“One of the most inspirational powerlifters I’ve ever met…” Maude wrote.

Desey, who also is a bodybuilding champion from the ICN Australian Nationals, shared on one of her posts how hard of a journey it has been just to make it to this meet. She wrote,

“We had some massive hurdles with the MS, a hip injury and being in hospital 3 weeks out which made for some interesting and frustrating training sessions. But we overcame them all and managed to pull out some pretty cool lifts today with a 5th place out of 21. I’m so thankful to have you both there supporting me today and believing in me!”

Desey said that after the meet she has been overwhelmed and humbled in the best possible way by the number of people who have reached out to her with their own stories involving MS or other chronic diseases. Desey’s strength, and attitude to persevere through adversity has inspired many. We can’t wait to see what platform she takes on next.

Feature image from @lauz_life Instagram page.